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This is a limited collection of hand made ceramic poison bottles measuring approx. 7.5″ x 4″. All hand sculpted by Catherine Seddon of Sandpiper Art Studios.
Each bottle requires approximately one week to make, so there are only a few, specially for Halloween. If they prove popular I might make some more!
They are made from earthenware clay and consist of a bottle with a flared top and a skull and crossbones hand painted or hand carved beneath the word Poison!
The stoppers are skulls. Each skull was hand formed by Cathy and like the bottles, each is unique.
They were hand glazed using a variety of high quality Botz glazes. The dark ones were made by painting the drying bottles with black slip (a mixture of clay and glaze) then carving into it when dry, to reveal the white clay beneath. This was then kiln fired and then painted with translucent top glaze and fired a second time.
The white bottles have either been painted with black, brown, green glazes. There are two that are not carved, that have been painted with blue oxide, then overglazed.
The skulls were carved, then dried, then bisque fired in the kiln, then hand painted using black glaze to add detail to their eye sockets and shading to their heads. Some of the dark ones have additional hand painted subtle white textured skull shapes on their reverse, adding a more macabre look to the bottle.
The skulls in the photos may not be the same one that you receive. They have been mixed and matched. However, you will receive the one in the picture, unless otherwise stated.

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Hand made by Cathy Seddon


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