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Lock Down Art Lessons -
New lessons for lockdown 2

NEW! Feb 21. Squashed face sketch in chalk pastels KS4

A lesson for KS4 (GCSE) level using chalk pastels to re-create the squashed face pictures of Jenny Saville.

KS4 /5 Lesson on Dazzle Camouflage and Op Art

KS5 A Level Lesson - Ink and Bleach

This lesson involves a toxic substance – bleach – this will damage the skin significantly if touched and can kill if swallowed! This lesson must only be done under supervision of an adult and whilst wearing gloves. Use a table covering and wash carefully afterwards!! Be warned!!

KS5 A level Lesson Jan 2021

Below is a new lesson that examines the work of the artist Seung-Hwan Oh, a biochemist who uses his knowledge of moulds and bacteria to obliterate and deface photographic images of friends, family and unknowns. His resulting images distort the viewer’s perception of the image but add a surreal beauty.

New - Feb 21 - How to Make a Fabric Toadstool!

A powerpoint is coming soon…

Below - 8 Lessons on the theme of Invaders and Settlers KS3

Below is a series of new lessons on the theme of Invaders and Settlers. I will add one or two lessons a week. Some will also have (hastily made) video demos below the powerpoints.

If you click on the slides they will stop and you can move them back and forth using the arrows at both ends. Click left to get them back to the beginning.

Lesson 4 - Make a shield!

In this lesson we will look at the Anglo Saxon shields and their use of animal symbolism

Lesson 3 - Bog People and the Gundestrup Cauldron - Embossed Metal

In this lesson we will examine things found in bogs! We will look at Bog People and ancient treasure trove. Activities involve coin rubbings and making embossed metal copies of the Gundestrup Cauldron.

Lesson 2 - Illuminated Letters - part 2 - 12th Jan 2021 - KS3

In this lesson students will take their designs further by creating an illuminated letter using string, glue, tin foil and inks. See video demo below powerpoint (from 12th).

Lesson 1 - Illuminated Letters - part 1 - 11th Jan 2021 - KS3

In this lesson, students will learn about the history of illuminated letters then design their own (or copy) based on their own initials.

Below is a lesson on abstract art. Added Nov 3rd 2020

If you click on the slides they will stop and you can move them back and forth using the arrows at both ends. Click left to get them back to the beginning.

Abstract Art lesson 3rd Nov 2020

Thursday 18th June - Inscape Staff - Lockdown Quiz by Cathy

How to Make a Pinch Pot Clay Animal (video demo below) KS3+

Farming - Blind Drawing and Contour KS3+

How to Make a Polyboard Print - Step by step for KS3 -4 (video demo below)

How to Make a Simple Fabric Mask - Step by Step for KS3-4 (vid demo below)

Drawing lesson for KS3

Two week sculpture project (GCSE / A level)

Drawing techniques 1 (GCSE / A Level)

Drawing techniques 2 (GCSE / A level)

Drawing techniques 3 (GCSE / A Level)

Monoprinting (GCSE / A Level)

Collograph printing GCSE KS4

In this lesson we will look at the artist Birgitta Wilson and her layered botanical collograph prints

Painting with a palette knife (GCSE)

Pointillism (GCSE)