Lock Down Art Projects and Lessons

Below is a series of Powerpoints containing art lessons. They scroll left to right.

I will add more lessons during lockdown and the summer holidays.

If you click on the slides they will stop and you can move them back and forth using the arrows at both ends. Click left to get them back to the beginning.

Thursday 18th June - Inscape Staff - Lockdown Quiz

NEW!! How to Make a Pinch Pot Clay Animal (video demo below) KS3+

Farming - Blind Drawing and Contour KS3+

How to Make a Polyboard Print - Step by step for KS3 -4 (video demo below)

How to Make a Simple Fabric Mask - Step by Step for KS3-4 (vid demo below)

Drawing lesson for KS3

Two week sculpture project (GCSE / A level)

Drawing techniques 1 (GCSE / A Level)

Drawing techniques 2 (GCSE / A level)

Drawing techniques 3 (GCSE / A Level)

Monoprinting (GCSE / A Level)

Painting with a palette knife (GCSE)

Pointillism (GCSE)