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Ceramics by Cathy Seddon

Sandpiper Art Studios is named after the beautiful birds that walk Dorset’s shores. I mostly channel the blues of the sea and sky and the white foam of the waves that crash on to the pebbles. I often roam the beaches, foraging for ammonite fossils and glass and trying to recreate what I see in nature. I paint the impressions and responses that I feel stir inside me when I watch the clouds scudding, the light on the water and the tang in the air. All of this has become my new inspiration. 

It was during a holiday to Dorset’s beautiful Jurassic Coast that I found inspiration for my glazes – I try to recreate the surge and graunch of the waves upon the sand, the stunning blues of the sky and sea and the myriad jewels of the rock pools. I then add beach glass and black fossil.

I turned my dad’s old tool shed in the back garden into a pottery. At the weekends, I experiment with glaze, test metallic lustres and practice shaping the clay. I have attended several courses at the Stoke Potteries and have messed about with clay for several years now. I’m much more interested in the glazing than in the pot making. I throw a quick, wonky pot then spend hours (and a ludicrous amount of materials) experimenting with abstract colour placement – to me the clay is just a canvas for the art of glazing. I love the fact that my chosen colour combinations are a complete unknown until after firing. 

Cathy Seddon B.A., M.A., B.Ed.