Halloween Collection

Macabre Ceramics for Your Home

A limited collection of unique hand sculpted Halloween ceramics by Cathy Seddon.

Each item is a unique, one of a kind item and was made by hand over several days using earthenware clay. The eyes in the mugs are made from art resin and take two days to apply. The glazes are high quality Botz glazes, all applied by paintbrush, not dipping. 

Some mugs have gold or green metallic teeth. This takes another day to apply. This is made using ‘lustre’ a ceramics material where real metal is suspended in a gooey brown substance. It is very difficult to apply (try painting with jam!) and costs a fortune! I use real 22kt gold lustre from Scarva and the mugs that have lustre on them are more expensive than those without – I paid £300 for the tiny bottle! The brown goo burns away in the kiln to leave behind only the shiny gold.

The poison bottles were again made from earthenware clay and are all hand carved and hand painted. The stoppers are hand made mini skulls – naked clay apart from some glaze on the eyes and for contouring.

I also have an Etsy shop: https://www.etsy.com/uk/shop/SandpiperArtStudios/ with more ceramics on it.

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